Sep 09

RAP is finally V6.1 ready!

We have finally managed to get the RAP product working satisfactorily on V6R1 and will now build a V6.1 complied version for installation on V6.1 systems. The problem had been with the new Watch technology, IBM changed the way the process worked which invariably stopped RAP from working. The last problem was to do with the library list not being carried across to the exit programs when they were loaded to the watch exit points, this meant we had to manually compile in a ADDLIBLE request for every exit program.

SI32090 has fixed all those problems and we now have a working setup without work arounds that should work for everyone. The PTF is a test PTF at the moment so it is not available for general download from the support site. As soon as it is you should download and install the PTF ready for installing RAP on a V6.1 system

So if you need a V6.1 compliant version keep a watch on our website downloads. We will compile the product on the V6,1 system so you don’t have to go through the conversion process when you install it!


Sep 09

See how RAP is installed and configured live, well almost!

As I previously posted we have started to create screencasts (video capture of the PC screen plus audio) of how we downloaded, installed and configured RAP. The final screencast Configure_RAP also shows how the product quickly updates the target system once a journal change is detected.

We feel the screencasts will show just how easy the product is to install and configure, having just seen a news release about how HA installations across the world are hard to manage I thought these screencasts would help set the record straight!

We are not trying to put RAP in the same league as the HA products but with a bit of help it can be just as effective. If you have ever heard of the KISS principle you know what we mean!

There will be more screencasts as we get time, we will show you how to restart after a failure, role swaps, object and file auditing and how to use some of the tools we provide to your advantage.

For a complete list of the screencasts go to our website.


Sep 09

Is HA really that hard to Manage?

I was reading the daily industry rags we get by email and noticed a story about a new offering from a company to manage your HA environment for you. If you got the email you will know which one I am talking about.

Anyhow this got me thinking about some of the content, here is my take on what they said Continue reading

Sep 07

Howto screencasts now available

In our attempt to help customers set up and manage a replication environment and install and configure the RAP product, we have created a number of screencasts showing how to carry out a number of functions. Our hope is that eventually anyone will be able to install, configure and manage RAP without the need for expensive consultant assistance, or an over dependence on our support staff.

This is early days for us using this technology and we hope the quality of the screencasts is acceptable enough for most users, we are not professional demonstrators and don’t have pre-written scripts so the experience has been quite challenging so far. However we feel the process works and the information we pass on will be useful to many users. To access the screencasts Continue reading

Sep 03

Zend Framework installed with ZendCore 2.5.2

If you intend to use the ZendFramework I would suggest you install a newer copy than the copy installed by default by the ZendCore Install. ZendCore 2.5.2 will install ZendFramework Version 1.0.3! The latest stable copy of the ZendFramwork is 1.6.0 which as you can see is lightyears ahead of the Framework installed by Zend. Continue reading