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If you are thinking about going to Zend Studio 8.0 for i DON’T

November 15th, 2010

I have been pretty satisfied with previous releases from Zend and their Studio IDE. This time seems they got a few things wrong.. I know its free and we shouldn’t complain but I really do hate being a QA tester when there is no where to register your frustrations. I do try posting on the Zend IBM i forums but they seem to have less attention than ever!

I was starting to experience a couple of issues with Studio 7.2.1 so when Zend made the announcement about 8.0 I thought OK time to make the move as it should clear up a lot of the problems. Bad move! They have removed the IBM connection which used to allow a direct connection to the IBM i, they now only allow the SSH connections (not a really bad thing as it always worked better anyhow) but why? I am developing the PHP code on a ZendServer running on a Windows PC which may be part of the problem, but why? Now when I open a file the IDE freezes up for 2 minutes for some reason, then comes back and allows me to edit the files again. I thought opening all the files all at once would help, but it seems to take 2 minutes for every file! I say 2 minutes but it could be slightly less as I have never actually timed it but it is a long time..

I am now into un-installing the 8.0 release and trying to find a copy of the V7.2 release again so I can at least do some work without punching holes in the screen.. I should probably look at the Net Beans IDE as a replacement but that will mean learning a new IDE again!

If like me you are experiencing issues log them on the forums, they may not get answered but at least people will see the frustrations people are experiencing with poor QA’d software.


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HA4i GA and available for a free download and trial.

November 9th, 2010

The Receiver Apply Program (RAP) version 4.1 is now replaced by HA4i V6R1. The product is available for a free download from our website and comes with a 30 day trial code which allows full access to all of the capabilities of the product.

If you would like further information on this the latest High Availability product from Shield Advanced Solutions please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Need PHP on earlier versions of OS/400?

November 3rd, 2010

A little known fact is you can use PHP to access your data and objects on OS/400 V3R2 and above (yes it can go all the way back to V3R2!). I was doing some testing this morning and wanted to see just what OS level the EasyCom Server supports. According to the documentation it supports all the way back to V3R2 and the old B models!

This is straight from the manual.

Configuration required

Server (I5)
· All I5 models from B series
· All I5/OS versions from version 3.20
· Communication TCP/IP

Client (web server)
· Windows , Linux , or i5/OS web server
· Protocol TCP/IP

· Web server: Apache, IIS …
· PHP 4 or PHP 5.

A QSECOFR profile type is required to setup the server add-in.

Administrator rights are required to activate client side of Single Sign On.

So while IBM and Zend have a limit of being able to run on V5R3 (at a stretch) and upwards you can have the same access to your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i etc…) right now without all of the messing around associated with running the Zendserver on your IBM i. no ore installing fixes to bring Java up to date or having to put up with limitations in the ZendServer just because its running on IBM i!

This has to be exciting news, especially for those older shops where they have not kept up with maintenance and yet still keep a lot of very valuable information on their AS/400 etc.. I could only test it back to a V5R3 system and it did work but if the manuals are to be believed it should be useful to everyone. (I am sure no one is running those old CISC systems anymore! are they?).

If you would like to know more or try out the EasyCom server let us know, we will be happy to show you just how effective the software can be for deploying new and exciting interfaces over that old application.


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Build your own DR solution.

November 2nd, 2010

If you are interested in building your own DR solution check out the SystemiNetwork magazine out this month. The magazine is loaded with information about High Availability and Disaster Recovery with an article written by yours truly..

You can view the article here Systemi Digital Edition

There is plenty of great information in the magazine this month for those who are considering High Availability. If it peaks your interest and you want to discuss what we have done with our new HA4i product drop us a line or gives us a call, we will be happy to respond.. You have seen the rest now look at the best…


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