Availability specialist for the IBM i.Making High Availability Affordable for the SMB.A High Availability Partner that grows with you.Professional and effective consultancy for the IBM i.

Availability specialist for the IBM i.

Making High Availability Affordable for the SMB.

A High Availability Partner that grows with you.

Professional and effective consultancy for the IBM i.

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About Chris Hird

I have been around the IBM i or it’s predecessors (AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i etc.) for about 24 years now. I started after being retrained by IBM from a Buyer into a programmer! I always loved to get involved […]

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Employer Info

What we do! We develop solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery which we distribute through a network of partners and web based portals. If you wish to contact us please visit our website at http://www.shieldadvanced.com. The blog and website […]

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We no longer provide a download link for the IBM i 5733 SC1 option. We removed the downloads from the Blog sometime ago due to a lot of abuse, we may decide to put up some new downloads in the […]

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As you can tell from my posts I am very passionate about the IBM i and the ‘C’ programming language. PHP is really similar to ‘C’ so it has become my favorite language for building website content, however I use […]

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High Availability Secret Weapons

I just read an article in the IT Jungle which made me smile to myself, basically it was stating how a competitor of our High Availability Products had a secret weapon with their simulated role swap process. Firstly its not […]

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System Values and LVLT4i

System values are an important part of the working environment on the IBM i, therefore it is important that are correctly set ready for whenyou move to a recovery system. LVLT4i is working in an environment where the setting of […]

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Getting the most from LVLT4i

While it is early days for the LVLT4i product we have already had a number of interesting conversations with IBM i users and Managed Service Providers about how we see it being deployed to the smaller IBM i user base. […]

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Operational Assistant backup to QNAP NAS using NFS

After a recent incident (not related to our IBM i backups) we decided to look at how we backed up our data from the various systems we deploy. We wanted to be able to store our backups in a central […]

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Integrating IBM i CGI programs into Linux Web Server

We have been working with a number of clients now who have CGI programs (mainly RPG) that have been used as part of web sites which were hosted on the IBM Apache Server. These programs build the page content using […]

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Pricing for the ISV

I recently read through an article about how IBM i ISV’s are apparently wrong in the way that the charge for their products. While I do have some sympathy and do recognize that some pricing practices are not appropriate in […]

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PowerHA and LVLT4i.

We have had a number of conversations about LVLT4i and what it offers to the Managed Service Provider(MSP). As part of those discussions the IBM solution PowerHA often comes up as it also uses iASP technology but that is really […]

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We are looking at how to manage the recovery of profiles and passwords in an environment where the profiles cannot be managed constantly. When using our HA4i product we have the ability to constantly maintain the user profiles and passwords […]

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New Product Library Vault, Why?

We have just announced the availability of a new product, Library Vault for IBM i (LVLT4i) which is aimed primarily at the Managed Service Providers. The product allows the replication of data and objects from *SYSBAS on a clients system […]

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Who would have thought! I am starting to use RPG!

I have always said that I did not need to learn or use ‘RPG’ on the IBM i as I always found that ‘C’ could do all that I needed. Recently I was asked by a friend to help them […]

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